Thank you so much for keeping me largely back pain free! Gary T, Orpington

I found Judith's Studio by chance after my physio suggested Pilates would help my nagging back pain.  I didn't really know what to expect but I can honestly say it is the best hour I spend each week.  Judith has conquered my fears and changed the way I think about my body, the way I move and my general posture.  She has adapted my sessions and helped through minor ailments and surgery. - Linda B, Sidcup 

I have been going to private 1:1 sessions with Judith for over 10 years now.  I get easily bored so the very fact that I keep coming back and for so long is a testament to Judith's ability to keep these classes fresh, exciting and most of all challenging.  Jacqueline K, Chislehurst

I've been coming to Judith's group classes for over a year now and already have seen a significant difference in my body: the pain in my hips has subsided dramatically, I move more easily and feel interestingly lighter.  My osteopath is also delighted with my progress and has confirmed that my spine and muscles are stronger.  And it's not just the body that gets a workout - the brain has to be engaged too to conduct the movement in various bits of the torso at the same time, so the weekly sessions are a truly holistic experience. - Maggy P, Mottingham

Judith really is a great teacher and explains everything fully, then walks around to each one to put you right if necessary.  The Method is that in every exercise the body is fully lengthened and the core muscles tightened thereby taking the strain off the joints.  Most of the exercises are lying on the floor so that the body weight is supported and again not adding strain to the joints.  The thing with Pilates is that it is up to the individual how hard you work at it and if anything starts to feel uncomfortable she tells you not to force it.  At first you think 'how can this do any good' but I promise you that since doing Pilates I haven't had one muscle spasm in my back and if I wake up feeling tight I just lie on the floor and lengthen as taught.  Well worth a try. - Written by June C, Chislehurst to a friend of hers asking about the benefits of Pilates.

I would like to thank you Judith for being such an encouraging and thorough teacher, making each session different with just enough to be challenging, and helping each client individually. You created an atmosphere that was relaxed and enjoyable while still getting through a lot of work. And you never seemed to flag even when you were not feeling well - back pain, toothache, coughs and colds, but you kept going.
I hope your new partner will enable you to continue and if she was lucky enough to have you as her mentor I'm sure she will be a great asset. Liz M - a client leaving Chislehurst.

I have always wondered about trying Pilates but being one of those very busy people both at home and at work (which is a great excuse not to look after myself) I never got around to it.  Finally I bit the bullet after I was advised by a trusted healthcare professional to explore Pilates to help with the fatigue I was experiencing, as well as having some time to invest in myself.  Having undertaken a comprehensive web search I found Judith and chose her because of her clear explanation of the benefits of Pilates, her approach to working with her clients, the facilities she could offer and that her Studio is located close to my work place.  I had an immediate response to my enquiry and my first session was teed up within the week.      

Judith is passionate about Pilates which derives from the impact it has made on her own physical well-being.  This in itself is contagious and she is on a mission.  She focuses intently on my natural bad habits, in a non-judgemental way, in posture and muscle movement that has been established over the years through the way I live my life.  Judith then creates an individualised exercise programme which aims to remediate physical imbalances and promote the optimum use of physical energy, all of which she carefully supervises during my session.  Alignment, gravitational resistance, core body strength and breathing are all integral to these exercises.  We occasionally have a laugh too!!

The impact for me?  I really look forward to my Pilates session which comes at the end of my working week when I am incredibly tired and just ready for a glass of wine and a curry.  I have a very different sense of myself in my body, I enjoy the physical challenges of the exercise regime and my energy levels are generally increased.  Basically I feel fitter all round.

I have been with Judith for 3 years now and I'm looking forward to many more and continuing on  a long term basis as part of my life style. - Sarah H, Surrey

I have been meaning to sit down for sometime and just let you know how fab I think you are.  You have been such a life changer for me and I can never thank you enough.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if wasn't for you and all the wonderful Pilates lessons and support you gave me, I would have never felt brave enough to go through with having a second child, so I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.  There are some people in a lifetime that are so very important, and you are one in mine... Chloe's beautiful and overwhelming email after the birth of her second child.

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